Kibana 8.8.8 external plugin failure

Hi we have upgraded our plugin from Kibana 8.6.2 to Kibana 8.8.0. We now get this error when launching the plugin from Kibana.

We build like before using

RUN BUILD_TS_REFS_DISABLE=true yarn kbn bootstrap --no-cache --debug --verbose
WORKDIR /kibana/plugins/wind
RUN npm i --force
RUN yarn plugin-helpers build --kibana-version 8.8.0 --debug --verbose
RUN kibana-plugin install <file>
RUN kibana --optimize --logging.json=false

Any hints to debug these types of errors?

Note that we do not have any issues with running the plugin in a dev env with

yarn dev --watch and yarn start

seems wind plugin is causing problems, i am not sure what that is ?

That is our external plugin name. There is an issue with it with the build only. We do not know why it works in dev but not in the build.

Any tips to help us debug this issue? I have set the mode to "development" in packages/kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm/webpack.config.js but that did not give us any extra debug info.

i suggest checking what exactly code is doing there, what is the thing that is undefined.

Figuring out what the exact issue is, is the the problem. This is the failing code.

Maybe these changes are causing this issue? Transpile packages on demand, validate all TS projects by spalger · Pull Request #146212 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Not sure what the issue is, but recently I saw a post about another custom plugin that works while in dev mode but not in prod mode.

It was this one.

The title of this post should also be "Kibana 8.8.0 external plugin failure" sorry

Thanks @leandrojmp this looks more like our issue with the kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm error. [Plugins] Problem with building plugins in 8.7.0 · Issue #154325 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. It appears it is reproducible also in 8.8.0.

This was our issue. Kibana 8.8.0 - External plugins not running on Kibana Docker images (production)

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