Kibana stumbling over a colon in APM Service Names

We thought it would be a good idea to have a colon in our service node names, like abc:def. However Kibana doubly escapes the colon.

The page listing our services has the correct link. The colon is escaped as %3A. Navigating to the service detail page works but the charts are empty. When we follow the link to the service detail page, using the dev console we can see that the "charts" call has escaped the % sign itself, so we have %253A instead of just %3A. If I copy the charts URL in to another browser tab, I get a bunch of empty arrays returned. If I correct the %253A to just %3A, it works, I get data.

This is the charts URL I'm talking about:


It comes from this page:




I changed your title and filter because I think this is APM related perhaps someone from that team can answer..,

Short answer most people us - in their APM service names.

This might be a bug though

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