Kibana User Experience UI does not update data when changing the environment


After installing the APM Java agent into our backend application, we've also installed the RUM JavaScript agent to gain insights of our frontend performance.

We use the agents in two different environments: qa and prod.
The APM UI shows the correct data for each environment and updates itself after the environment was selected or changed via the dropdown menu.

However, the User Experience (RUM) UI does not. Whether no environment ("All"), "qa" or "prod" is selected: the UI does always show the same data regardless of the time range.

I double-checked if I had mistakenly set the wrong environment in the agent config, but I did not. Furthermore, when searching the apm indices through the Discovery, I can clearly see that there are way more documents with service.environment == prod than service.environment == qa.

The Analyze data panel however can query the correct data for the specified environment. This strengthens my assumption that this must be a bug in the Kibana User Experience UI.

I took a look at the Kibana release notes for versions 7.13.3 onwards but couldn't find anything related to this.

Would you please comment on this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Stack version: 7.13.2
RUM agent version: 5.12.0
APM Java agent version: 1.35.0

Hi @apt-get_install_skil,

Thanks for using the agent!

I have been checking the User Experience Page and cannot reproduce the issue you describe.

I've done the test using Stack Version 8.1.0.

Edit: while Checking the 7.13.3 release notes I spotted this: [User Experience App] Update to make sure env filter is being used by shahzad31 · Pull Request #102063 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

It seems there was a bug related to the environment filter.

Let me know if this helps you


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Hi Alberto,

thanks for digging through the commits.
After upgrading our stack from 7.13.2 to 7.17.8 the error no longer exists :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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