Known Issue Logstash 7.7.1-7.9.1: Logstash Keystore may fail when used with multiple pipelines

A performance related change made in Logstash 7.7.1 may cause Logstash configurations with multiple pipelines to fail with the following error:

"Unable to configure plugins: (ConfigurationError) Cannot evaluate `${variable}`. Replacement variable `variable` is not defined in a Logstash secret store or as an Environment entry and there is no default value given."

A fix for this issue was included as part of the Logstash 7.9.2 release, and users encountering the above issue should upgrade their Logstash instance.

You can read more about the issue here, and more about the fix here

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Shouldnt the title be

Known issue Logstash 7.7.1-7.9.1.


Yes, thank you for spotting that Ben!

No worries, thanks for providing these logstash fixes.

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