Kubernetes - Number of deployments not matching reality

one of our "clients" has installed metricbeat 7.6.2 on an Openshift cluster, but he's lamenting that the number of deployments he sees through one of the default metricbeat dashboards (the view name is "Deployments [Metricbeat Kubernetes] ECS"), that is 5, does not match with the number of deployments he sees from the Kubernetes console (150 or more).

I'm not a Kubernetes expert, but maybe the "kubernetes.deployment.name" (the field that the view aggregates for) has a different meaning?


Hey @dantonag,

What is the configuration they are using to collect the information from these deployments?

Is it possible that the use the same deployment name in several namespaces?

In principle this is the same name that you would see with kubectl get deployment.

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