Kv filter issue

Hi, i'm a beginner with logstash. I use ELK via docker on windows. I parse a csv file which contain a field Metadata. I use kv filter to split values and i want to convert the field kv.Geolocation create by the kv filter. My config like this:
The logstash config test is OK but when i start the stack i have an error "logstash exited with code 0" and i can't access logs as the container shutdown automatically.
Sample of field Metadata

The first filter works fine but kv.Geolocation type is string but i need geo_point type. I don't know if kv filter is the best to do this. Could you help me please?

geo_point can not be cast using a mutate filter as it is not represented in the JSON. You instead need to handle this through mapping in an index template.

Thank you for your quick response Christian_Dahlqvist

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