KV Filter Pattern Usage

Using the latest KV filter plugin (4.1.0)...

I'm trying to use the KV filter to parse a log formatted like the following:

Protocol: TCP, SrcIP:

and so on... (the main idea here is that the key/values are separated by colon+space and fields are separate by comma+space

I've tried the following:

filter {
   if [log_header] =~ "desired_value" {
     mutate {
      add_tag => [ "blah" ]
    kv {
      value_split_pattern => ": "
      field_split_pattern => ", "

I've also tried the following for the value_split_pattern and field_split_pattern:

value_split_pattern => ":\s"
field_split_pattern => ",\s"

...however, the logs never make it into ES, and just stay in the queue.

If I remark the KV part and just let the log go in tagged, it works fine (unparsed, of course).

I have both PQ and DLQ enabled, and dead letter does not show a failure -- again, the log just stays in the queue forever.

Any thoughts?


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