KV filter to display null keys

Hi experts,
I am completely new to Logstash and started using logstash 6.4.0 a day before :slight_smile:

Problem statement:
I am trying to parse an application log using kv filter. The separator within the log line is tilde "~". I am able to get the key-value pairs for the not-null fields, but the null fields are getting ignored by the filter.

Sample Logline:
2018-09-06 16:51:16.337 INFO (THREAD-438) system_monitor : - LogTypeID=SAMPLELOG~RespCd=SAMPLE RESPONSE~MsgID=123456~HostNm=~SysTs=2018-09-06T16:51:16.312-07:00~AppID=SAMPLE~OrigCtyCd=~UPID=~PaySplitSeqNo=~AllocSeqNo=~AppServNmVr=Notify~PayTpChCd=~Amt=0~Curr=~SplitAmt=0~SplitCurr=~EventID="

The split is happening as follows:
2018-09-06 16:51:16.337 INFO (THREAD-438) system_monitor : - LogTypeID=SAMPLELOG

But the following keys are gettting ignored (as they don't have a value associated) and not showing up:

Please advise if there is way to display the NULL fields too?

That's not currently an option, but I just opened up a pull-request on the project to make it be one, so there's a good chance we'll be able to address your need soon.

The one caveat is: when this is enabled, the empty fields captured in this way will be zero-length strings, not null.

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