KV pairs automatically parsed by logstash?

I have a device sending syslogs in standard kv pair format; with a comma (,) separating fields and equal (=) separating key from value.

In order to ensure ECS compatibility, I have a kv filter defined with a "target" field set.
In Elastic, I am expecting to only see the kv-parsed fields in the nested field but I am seeing them both at the root AND in the nested field.

Is there some "automatic" parsing that logstash does? If not, why do I see all of these fields at the document root as well as the nested field?

No, there is not. Your configuration must be parsing them twice or copying them.

Perhaps it is the syslog input plugin that is parsing out the kv pairs????
But I have no grok_pattern defined.

No, the default parsing in a syslog input just parses the timestamp etc.

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