Kv parse

(Arun Murugappan) #1


{"Time": "2018-05-10", "Server": {"Name": " Default , "id" : " 521"}}

When i parse using kv with : and , i am getting time field right but not the name. I am gerting server: Name: Default but i just require Name: Default. Or something of getting [server][name] = default

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

That is JSON, so why are you not using the json filter instead?

(Arun Murugappan) #3

Yes i can. Let us say i have about 15fields. I only require five fields then i would have to apply remove_field for the rest 10 fields. Is there a shorter way? Any other plugin just to display the required field

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

What is wrong with using the json filter and then removing the additional fields, especially if this is easier and potentially also more efficient?

(Arun Murugappan) #5

sure. trying to find a better way.

(system) #6

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