Lack of proper SSL credentials is crashing logstash

Is it possible to handle SSL exceptions gracefully in Logstash and prevent it from crashing out? At the moment I have SSL enabled on Filebeat side of things, as well as in Logstash. Everything is working fine if these SSL certificates are present. However, do not ask me how that is possible, let's just say that it's possible that for one or two instances of Filebeat, the SSL wasn't configured properly, and the SSL credentials or certificates are missing. It's still trying to connect to/send data to Logstash, and it's crashing it out. Can I make it just reject connections coming from these "unauthorized" clients, rather than just crashing out Logstash every time there is a pocket of data coming from a client with a busted SSL?

Can errors like these be handled gracefully so they don't cause crashes?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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