Learning logstash groksample.log file mia?

looking for the precious "groksample.log" file. pointer?

Can you elaborate a bit more?
Where was is?

Hi Mark:

This page:


references the

Replace /path/to/ with the actual path to the location
of groksample.log in your file

Perhaps wrongly, is that a sample file that I get from somewhere or it's just a sample of code? I don’t seem to
have that ‘groksample.log’ file anywhere in anything that’s been downloaded in
the .zip for logstash 1.5.4, nor can I find it on github (though I thought I saw that it had been removed in a comment). Is this part of a download I can get or is it just a complete sample and I create my own for this example?


I think it's just a placeholder, you need to use your actual log.