Line break into log file


I would like to know how to parse log line who have many empty field and many useless field.

One line have 60 values but only 20 are really usefull.

I have create a grok with sixty %{DATA:name} (I would improve it later) .

How to delete the empty field and fields that I do not need directly into my grok ? Its possible ?

Thank you for your help

Use the remove_field option, probably under your grok flter.

If you don't want some of the fields, don't capture them in the first place. In other words, use %{DATA} instead of %{DATA:useless-field-to-delete}.

Ok thank you a lots for your help.

Last things, when i indicate %{BASE16NUM:hexa_value} :

This value is not converted in decimal value, it's just an information no ?

To really convert the hexa value to decimal value, i must use it :

=> Hexa_value : A2ED

=> Grok filter : %{BASE16NUM:Hexa_value}
and i must add a mutate ? Than :

gsub => [ "Hexa_value", "0x8" ] ?

There's no native hexa_value data type..

Here's how to convert the hexstring into a decimal number:

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