List of supported JDBC drivers

I have a java application working with the apm agent. I have two datasources configured, one of SqlServer dialect, the other being Snowflake

I see transactions reported for the sql server queries but nothing when it comes to queries for snowflake. Based on this code

I'm guessing its just not supported/instrumented? Looking for recommendations on how to proceeed.

This is the driver I'm using for snowflake

which can be found here


Hi and welcome to our forum!

Transactions are the initial span of a request-handling flow in a monitored service. I assume you mean - you can see trace data, but not the snowflake query span?

We support JDBC at the API level, so you should see such queries. Although we don't have a dedicated parser for this driver's connection strings, we should still apply the UNKNOWN parser, so I would expect you'd see related spans, only without the address details.

Please set log_level to debug and upload the log from the startup of the app (removing sensitive information).

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