LIst of URLS in heartbeat.yml doesn't show in Heartbeat dashboard

Hi guys. I recently configure 18 Urls to query in the heartbeat.yml file, heartbeat worked fine but since a few days when I open the heartbeat dashboard, I just have five urls listed.

I checked the configuration file (heartbeat.yml) and the urls are still there but I don't know why they aren't listed in the dashboard.

Help :frowning:

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Do you see documents for these URLs appearing anywhere if you manually search using the discover app?

Alternatively, if you run heartbeat with the -e -d "publish" option, you can see all events emitted to Elasticsearch in the console, and see if all URLs are represented.

Finally, if you can post your config here that'd be helpful.


I'm also getting this problem (v6.6.1). I renamed my monitors and added one but the table with the list of monitors at the top of the Heartbeat Kibana dashboard stubbornly refuses to show the new names or the new monitor.

Events are definitely flowing into Elasticsearch and definitely have the new

The "HTTP up status" and "HTTP ping times" graphs still seem to be updating.

Help gratefully received,


PS. A colleague loaded the dashboard (for the first time) and all of the new monitors were shown.

PPS. I changed the time range and the new monitors appeared. Weird that multiple refreshes of the browser, starting/stopping, etc had no effect though.

But sorted now.

To clarify it sounds like the issue was that you were looking at an older time range before those new monitors started sending data. Is that right?

It seems a bit odd. If I choose a time range that includes any period during which the old monitors were running then only they are listed ...even if the time range also encompasses the "after" situation with new and renamed monitors.

So it's not fully sorted but will become less noticeable as the old monitors disappear into the past.

Yes, unfortunately that is one of the limitations of Kibana dashboards. As we build out the new Uptime app out (targeted for 6.7 and 7.0) we'll be able to start addressing that issue.


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