Listen for different protocols over different interface

Hello everyone,

I've been using packetbeat for a while to monitor DHCP traffic on our network and to analyze the work of DHCP Servers.
Now, i would like to know if there is something i could do here.
The server that is acting as DHCP has two network interfaces, I've configured packetbeat to listen on interface that the DHCP server is working on. Now i would also like to listen to HTTP and MySQL Traffic, but that traffic is going through another interface.
If i enable all interfaces, packetbeat will capture DHCP traffic from other interface too, and i wouldn't like that.

How can i make (if i even can) packetbeat listen for DHCP traffic on eth0 and HTTP and MySQL Traffic on eth1.

Packetbeat version is 6.8
It's on Linux, CentOS 7.6

Thanks in advance.

For this you'll have to run two instances of Packetbeat with different configurations.

Thought so. Thanks!

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