Load balancer for logstash question

We have 3 logstash instances running and we are trying to create a load balancer for logstash using Big IP f5. This load balancer should distribute the logs that it receives from network devices to the 3 logstash instances. Do we have any best practices to build the load balancer?

We built the load balancer and configured the network devices to send traffic to LB, but LB is not sending them over to logstash instances. We validated that no firewall is blocking the traffic and load balancer is configured correctly. Any suggestions here?

What is your logstash input? Are the Logstash running?

If the logstash service is running, the ports are up and you have no firewall block, then this issue could be in the F5.

I had some problems with F5 that it could not detect that the Logstash ports where up, so for the load balancer they were seem as down, a logstash restart solved this problem.

I am using tcp and udp in logstash input, and yes logstash is running ..

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