Load balancing a 3 x Logstash behind PowerDNS setup


So in my setup I'm pushing logs with NXLog (aix) and Filebeat (linux) into 3 logstashes (3 nodes). We have PowerDNS setup to forward everyting from dns "example.logstash.dns" into 3 IP adressess of those logstashes.Logstashes are not in a cluster of course so my question is: is there any way to reasonably load balance input's from nxlog and filebeat into those 3 logstashes?
I'm trying to avoid situation where "big producers" are not balanced/split on all 3 logstash nodes evenly.

Also I'm trying to setup:

hosts: ["example.logstash.dns:5044"]
loadbalance: true
worker: 3

But it seems it doesn't work as expected with PowerDNS forwarding .

The answers in this thread will probably help:

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