Loadbalancing with filebeat


I have setup elasticsearch, logstash and kibana on 3 hosts. Logstash hosts are behind an AWS ELB (TCP, 5000 port). Now, I want my filebeat to balance the log streams between these three hosts. How can I achieve this? Since I have just one dns which points to the ELB, will the loadbalancer:true parameter be useful at all?

I understand that host are in same domain but on different ports (in different scenario why would you have many instances on same host) then yes. You can add all the hosts to the array and set loadbalancing to true. If you have same url for all instances then you can't balance load on this level.

There are three different instances (say LS01, LS02, LS03) running logstash on port 5000. All these three instances are behind the AWS ELB (TCP, port 80). I access this elb through a single domain name (something like example-logstash.something.in). This is the same domain name which I have configured in my filebeat as follows:

hosts: ["example-logstash.something.in:80"]

Now, I want to make sure that filebeat balances the logs between all the three hosts (LS01, LS02, LS03) instead of sending them to just one of them.

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