Loadbalnce setting in Filebeat output kafka?

we have loab balance setting in filebeat output.logstash

Why dont we have loadbalnace setting for output.kafka?

Is it so that it doesnt send kafka outputs in load balanced mode?
Case1:I f I have 3 Brokers of Kafka. And I mentioned only 2 hosts in output config of filebeat. Will it work? Will it send events evenly to 3 brokers?

Case2: What if I add 2 more brokers tomorrow to my kafka cluster, so total 5 brokers. Do I need to mention anyone of those new broker to filebeat output?

Case3: If I mentione Broker-0, broker-1 and Broker-2 in filbeat kafka output configuration, and one of the broker is out of network, what will happent to the filebeat? Will it survive with other 2 brokers and run happily? Or it will keep retryin till brokers comes up and running, Or it will die after sometime?

Please help in above 3 scenarios.


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