Log floods: error salvaging message / handle is invalid

Winlogbeat 8.4.3, set to log about itself to eventlog

logging.level: info
logging.selectors: ["*"]
logging.to_eventlog: true
logging.metrics.period: 5m

Every now and then on startup, winlogbeat will go nuts on a host and send ~250k errors a minute about itself until it is manually restarted. It seems to mostly occur on Monday mornings when the host has been off (or sleeping) for a couple of days.

Sample Error (they are all identical but for the timestamp):

error salvaging message: failed in EvtFormatMessage: The handle is invalid.","ecs.version":"1.6.0"} 

It's only happening on a few hosts but the log volume is significant. We'd like to get a handle on what's going on - more than a handful of these would quickly overwhelm us.

I haven't found any information in my searching, thanks in advance for any advice.

Replying to myself to keep this alive a little longer.

This is still happening at least once a week.

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