Log stash is not hitting elastic search for data loading when I am trying load from a string


I am trying to load data in elastic search using log stash from a string .I am using following command

D:\ELK Software\logstash-2.1.1\bin>logstash -e 'input{ file { start_position =>
beginning path => ["D:\ELK Software\ThreeFlight3days.csv"] } } filter { csv
{separator => "," columns => ["RequestDate","Flight","Metric1","Metric2",
"Metric3"] } date { match => ["RequestDate", "MM/dd/yyyy H:mm"] } mutate { co
nvert => ["Metric1","integer"] convert =>["Metric1","integer"]}}output { ela
sticsearch { hosts => "localhost" index => "indexmetric1" document_type =>
On running it just show following output and then get to the directory

io/console not supported; tty will not be manipulated

D:\ELK Software\logstash-2.1.1\bin>

Kindly help me .

Thanks and Best Regards,