Log4net implemenation with elastic stack 7.2

Thanks a lot in advance for any reply.
I have mission from my boss to apply elastic stack 7.2 with log4net.
can not find any howto in the web.
can anyone help with this issue.
I need howto that will explain howto collect logs from log4net source pipeline through logstash over into redirecting the pipeline into elastic DB and there to be able to index the data.

seems any help will be greatly appreciate.

Hi @herzel,

I don't know of any tutorial specific to log4net, but I can try to give some recommendations for your use-case. I would like to get a better picture of your environment first, if possible:

  • Do you have control over the log output format. Specifically, can you emit the logs in JSON format?
  • Do you need Logstash for anything aside from this or would you be fine with a solution that doesn't involve it?

Thank you very much for your quick and positive reply.
well i did some homework after posting this topic.
for now the situation is that the team in our organization that is responsible for the logs, will implement the logs flow into elastic DB and i will do the index part and give them access through the user security / roles section.
for the above scenario I do believe I will manage.
if any question that can not be handled by myself I will be more then happy to involve this forum with.

thanks a lot again.

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