Log4net stops passing through to logstash

We are experiencing a problem where logstash stops collecting data from log4net but there are no errors to indicate why. Has anyone seen this before?

It's impossible to help without details of the setup.

It looks like the data we are passing that is causing it to stop collecting data. There isn't any logs to identify the data that caused it to stop

Apologies the problem doesn't appear to be what I thought it was.

Our setup:
6 Web servers all pushing log4net logs via UDP to logstash on a separate server running V6.0 ( I am looking to upgrade to V6.2) with 5 or 6 web servers we get 1.25ish hours of log collection before logstash needs to be rebooted. (No logs in the logstash log file to indicate why the stop) Reducing the servers to 4 web servers the logstash appears to be more stable and lasts longer. The Server performance is ok CPU runs less than 50% and Memory is around 55%.

We get around 1000 documents a minute

Has anyone experienced this type of problem before.

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