Logging messages sent to rabbitmq with packetbeat

We try to setup packetbeat to 6.5.4 to parse AMQP protocol.
However we don't see messages body sent to Elastic and indexed.
Do we miss something ?


Can you give us:

  • The rabbitmq version
  • Your configuration (packetbeat.yml)
  • The output of running packetbeat with debug enabled ( -d '*').

Thanks for your prompt response.
I am using RabbitMQ 3.7.9 version
packetbeat.yml :

packetbeat.interfaces.device: any
packetbeat.interfaces.type: af_packet
timeout: 30s
period: 10s

  • type: icmp
    enabled: false
  • type: amqp
    ports: [5672]
    send_request: true
    send_response: true
    max_body_length: 1000
    parse_headers: true
    parse_arguments: true
  • type: cassandra
    ports: [9042]
  • type: dhcpv4
    ports: [67, 68]
  • type: dns
    include_authorities: true
    include_additionals: true
  • type: http
  • type: memcache
    ports: [11211]
  • type: mysql
    ports: [3306]
  • type: pgsql
    ports: [5432]
  • type: redis
    ports: [6379]
  • type: thrift
    ports: [9090]
  • type: mongodb
    ports: [27017]
  • type: nfs
    ports: [2049]
  • type: tls
    ports: [443]
    index.number_of_shards: 3
    hosts: [""]
    username: "xxxx"
    password: "xx"
    • add_host_metadata: ~
    • add_cloud_metadata: ~
      logging.level: debug
      logging.selectors: ["*"]
      xpack.monitoring.enabled: true

I was unable to upload or attach debug output.
Where can I send it ?


can you upload the logs to some service like pastebin.com or google drive and share a link with me? You can use a private message if you don't want the log to be public.

Have you checked that your rabbitmq traffic is using this port? Can you also provide a capture (pcap) of the network traffic?

Thanks for your response again !
We use default port 5672 and I have sent you logs privately

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