Logging to logstash gets timeout from laravel application once the logstash instance(EC2) goes down

Hello, I have a Laravel application that sends log data to Logstash on an AWS EC2 instance. Recently, the EC2 instance went down, and I noticed that the Laravel application started prompting timeouts when I tried to log which affects the whole laravel application. Is there a way to configure Laravel or Logstash to handle timeouts or connection failures, or do I need to handle this in my log shipping solution? i get this error :

Failed connecting to tcp:// (111: Connection refused)

If the Logstash being down impacts your application, this is an issue on the application, you need to handle it in your code.

thanks for your reply, should i place this question somewhere else ?

Probably on a Laravel/PHP community since it is related to your code and it is not a Logstash issue.

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