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How can I change logo in newest Kibana?

Hi cyberzlo

Here's a guide to change it in Kibana 7.4

there's no official way to do this


It might be a bit different in newest Kibana, but the process is the same, you've to tweak CSS for that

This looks promising, but in the post it just says to adjust index.js... which one?! Do you know the paths to the 3 files he mentions? I'm using 7.6

You need to create a custom plugin, that would contain those files.

Here's a how you can create a custom plugin:


FYI for anyone needing it, I did this for 7.6.2.. and I'm guessing it would work for some other versions as well in 7.X. See https://github.com/thekofimensah/changeKibanaLogo7.6

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