Logs sending to logstash not showing in any index

Hi Team ,

I am sending my application logs from windows VM using filebeat to logstash and then to elastic search. We are using custom logstash config and I am trying to send my filebeat logs in category server logs but when I checked the indices it doesn't show me any category in which the logs are sent.

Can you please help me to understand in which category the logs are sending.

Hello @nitinamrutkar,

Please check the registry file in filebeat if its generating offset value than surely their is problem with the logstash config file.



Thanks for your reply. I checked the registry file and it generates offset value and logstash config generated index for other linux machine. Is there any additional settings need to be done in filebeat.yml for my windows vm to define index and category to which it has to send the logs?

here is my filebeat config.

its like you want to provide them a document_type if you want to provide them a id than it can be done in filebeat also
for eg i wanted to provide a service id to the logs
so i added

service_id: Gd5EWmgBY7Thni_1Uvnm

in filebeat but this would create a field in every log

But if you want a particular type than it can be document_type in output of logstash

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