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I have a question about WinlogBeat, I've installed and configured it and all is working perfectly, my question is:
How is WinlogBeat working ? I currently see all the logs about all the users in the network, isn't it supposed to be local because I installed it only in my pc or maybe it is because I'm in a domain AD? Then, how can I see only the logs about my pc ?


How and where have you configured your winlogbeat.yml to read logs from?
Depending on what event logs are coming into that machine I would expect all application, security, audit, etc, to be collected.

I just have this:

  - name: Security
    ignore_older: 168h

  hosts: ["localhost:5044"]

From research it looks like windows security event logs collect the full EVID 4000-6000 list. I imagine if the security event logs pertain to a domain then you will have account logon, account management, detailed tracking, ds access, logon/logoff, object access, policy change, privilege use and system events in there.

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