Logstahs monitoring index no created

I'm having the same problem as the topic describe here.
I can pipeline information with the output elasticsearch plugin, but the index for monitoring does not get created.

My configuration for the monitoring is enabled:

  xpack.monitoring.enabled: true
  xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url: ["http://remote_cluster:9200"]
  xpack.monitoring.collection.interval: 10s
  xpack.monitoring.collection.pipeline.details.enabled: true

My logstash log, shows now errors
I don't have security enabled on elasticsearch.
I get "Monitoring License OK" on the logs of logstash
I'm shure I'm using the correct logstash.yml. I activated the debug mode from there.

But with all these, I don't see any .monitoring-logstash* index created on elasticsearch.
All Version: 7.0.1


Could you run the following request against Elasticsearch and post the output here please?

GET _cluster/settings?include_defaults&filter_path=*.xpack.monitoring.collection.enabled



It is enabled, I get monitoring metrics from Kibana and Elasticsearch cluster

  "persistent" : {
    "xpack" : {
      "monitoring" : {
        "collection" : {
          "enabled" : "true"

Mybe this can help:

[2019-05-03T14:19:13,142][WARN ][logstash.outputs.elasticsearch] You are using a deprecated config setting "document_type" set in elasticsearch. Deprecated settings will continue to work, but are scheduled for removal from logstash in the future. Document types are being deprecated in Elasticsearch 6.0, and removed entirely in 7.0. You should avoid this feature If you have any questions about this, please visit the #logstash channel on freenode irc. {:name=>"document_type", :plugin=><LogStash::Outputs::ElasticSearch bulk_path=>"/_monitoring/bulk?system_id=logstash&system_api_version=7&interval=1s", hosts=>[http://remote_url:9200], sniffing=>false, manage_template=>false, id=>"XXXXXX", document_type=>"%{[@metadata][document_type]}", enable_metric=>true, codec=><LogStash::Codecs::Plain id=>"plain666666", enable_metric=>true, charset=>"UTF-8">, workers=>1, template_name=>"logstash", template_overwrite=>false, doc_as_upsert=>false, script_type=>"inline", script_lang=>"painless", script_var_name=>"event", scripted_upsert=>false, retry_initial_interval=>2, retry_max_interval=>64, retry_on_conflict=>1, ilm_enabled=>"auto", ilm_rollover_alias=>"logstash", ilm_pattern=>"{now/d}-000001", ilm_policy=>"logstash-policy", action=>"index", ssl_certificate_verification=>true, sniffing_delay=>5, timeout=>60, pool_max=>1000, pool_max_per_route=>100, resurrect_delay=>5, validate_after_inactivity=>10000, http_compression=>false>}

It got fixed, but I don't know why I just kept on working:

  • add another pipeline

After a couple of hours, the monitoring metrics start showing....

It was the generator input plugin, it does not generate monitoring metrics..

Hi Felipe,

my logstash-2019-x-x file is not create after upgrade from 6.7 yo 7.0
in this post, is your problem same as mine?
how you resolve it?

No, unfortunately, it is not my case. I started a cluster from scratch.
But did you check the brake changes?

Maybe that can help you.

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