Logstash_1.4.2 : add double quote with grok


I'm actually trying to generate a csv file, for a GeoIP database.

My goal is to have this:


And i actually have this, without the double quotes:


How to add the double quotes ? I try to escape them, but i obtain this:


I try with single quote, but i obtain this :


For info, here is my grok filter, where i generate the field :

add_field => { "startIpNum" => "%{store_net}1" }

Thanks for your time !

Are you using the csv output? Please show a minimal configuration example that exhibits your problem. I don't understand what the grok filter has to do with creating a CSV file.

Yes, it's a csv output:

output {
  csv {
    fields => ["startIpNum", "endIpNum", "locId"]
    path = "/my/path/to/output.csv"
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