Logstash 1.5.4 Java.exe memory leak


Anyone else experiencing memory leaks with Logstash 1.5.4 when you install Logstash as a service with NSSM.exe?
When running Logstash as a process (with logstash.bat), there's no steady increase in private bytes memory usage, java.exe stays stable at around 430-440 MB.

When installed as a service with NSSM.exe, the private bytes memory usage steadily increases with increments of 8KB-50KB around every second.

I think this made my Elasticsearch crash as my java.exe linked to Logstash was hogging 1.6GB of private bytes memory the last time it went down.

Update: At this moment I'm not even sure if NSSM.exe is the cause as it seems the java.exe linked to the process created by logstash.bat is showing a memory a small memory leak as well.

Yes, this is a known issue with ruby.
See https://github.com/elastic/logstash/issues/3722