Logstash 2.0 stop working when I modify system time

My logstash version is 2.0.0,working in Suse 11SP3。
when I use command 'date -s "20170923 07:51:09' change system time to year 2024,
logstash agent is working fine.
But if I use 'date -s "20160923 07:51:09' change time back .
logtash agent is not working .
I kill logstash agent process and then restart , it work fine again.

But if I use Ctrl+c to quit ,show errors:
["INFLIGHT_EVENTS_REPORT", "2024-07-20T07:51:26+08:00", {"input_to_filter"=>0, "filter_to_output"=>0, "outputs"=>[]}] {:level=>:warn}
Received shutdown signal, but pipeline is still waiting for in-flight events
to be processed. Sending another ^C will force quit Logstash, but this may cause
data loss. {:level=>:warn}

Is anybody know this condition?waiting for help ,Thanks~

What are you changing the time like that?

allow customer change system time.