Logstash 2.1.3 - how to config retry on failure

I'm using 2.1.3 and got an error on the log saying "Attempted to send a bulk request to Elasticsearch configured at host..... but an error occurred and it failed! Are you sure you can reach elasticsearch from this machine using the configuration provided?"

It mentioned about these as well "reload_connections=>false, :retry_on_failure=>false, :reload_on_failure=>false"

I can't find anything reload or retry params. Just wonder how can we set the retry on failure in our config file?

Tried with retry_on_failure=> true and reload_on_failure => true in the output section in the conf but it can't start up saying the following:

{:timestamp=>"2018-04-23T15:09:57.373000-0400", :message=>"Unknown setting 'retry_on_failure' for elasticsearch", :level=>:error}
{:timestamp=>"2018-04-23T15:09:57.379000-0400", :message=>"Unknown setting 'reload_on_failure' for elasticsearch", :level=>:error}

Not sure the exact name for the retry setting or maybe it's something to deal with the java command line that I need to attach special parameter?

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