Logstash 2.3.3 on windows "=1.0 was unexpected at this time" error

I have logstash 2.3.3 on windows server 2008 R2. When i go try to excute any command getting into bin folder of logsatsh., I get "=1.0 was unexpected at this time" as the error

I have java 1.8_0.92 set as java_home

Please provide the command you are running and the exact output that includes this error.


I was running the command bin\logstash-plugin list. The issue happened whenever i run any of the valid logstash command. Then when i looked further, the issue was due to settings in JAVA_OPTS in my system env variable. Once I reset it, it worked fine. In logstash2.1.1, for the same issue the error was much more user friendly and helped to resolve it. Should I raise a bug to make the error more user friendly.