Logstash 5.1.2 API returns incorrect values (-1)

Hi All,

I have problem with one of my logstashes.
I want to monitoring LS via API, but it returns wrong values for CPU/MEM/etc, as example shows:

[root@mylab]# curl -s -XGET '' | python -m json.tool
"host": "mylab",
"http_address": "",
"id": "58c96a8c-f21a-4155-a973-b04585cbfc60",
"name": "mylab",
"process": {
"cpu": {
"load_average": {
"15m": 2.24,
"1m": 2.66,
"5m": 2.48
"percent": -1,
"total_in_millis": -1
"max_file_descriptors": -1,
"mem": {
"total_virtual_in_bytes": -1
"open_file_descriptors": -1,
"peak_open_file_descriptors": -1
"version": "5.1.2"

A you see, there is a lot of values with "-1", and that is definitly wrong :slight_smile: , because on the same configuration on another host, values are OK.

Where can be a problem ? I don't know where to look further.

Logstash: 5.1.2
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo)

Nobody can help ? :frowning:

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