Logstash 5.2 | Wanted to call jdbc statement(query) only when some external service/event hit to logstash like JMS

I am stuck in logstash input JDBC plugin. I am new to elasticsearch and I wanted to load data from database to elaststcsearch index using logstash.
1st time I have successfully loaded database data into to elasticsearch index but when I run the update_script.conf for update the index. For that, I have written schedule statement in update_script.conf file.
After every 5 seconds, It will hit to the database query and check if is there any update record available in the database then it will fetch data from the database and update/create the record in elasticsearch index. I have written below input code for that.

input { 
    jdbc { 
        jdbc_driver_library => "../../jt400.jar" 
        jdbc_driver_class => "com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver" 
        jdbc_connection_string => "jdbc:as400://X.X.X.X/zdbxabf005" 
        jdbc_user => "XXXXX" 
        jdbc_password => "XXXXXX"  
        type => "component"
        schedule => "*/5 * * * * *"
        statement =>"Database QUERY" 

Above script is making an unwanted call even the record is not updated in the database for every 5 seconds, I don't want to make unwanted call DB statement for every 5 seconds. I wanted to call DB statements only when the record is updated in DB. for that we have written some JMS code in java application. Whenever a record is updated in the database JMS will send some events to logstash plugin (I don't know how to accept or identify this JMS external event in logstash).

I also wanted to know how to accept json data using JMS plugin.
Could you please help me for the same.

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