Logstash 5.x monitoring API - performance check

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do you know / it is possible to use new logstash monitoring API (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/5.x/node-stats-api.html) to get information if Logstash is "capable" to digest all data that are send to him or logs are starting to stack in queue ?

Currently our deployment does not have any MQ (kafka, redis) for high resilience. So i would like somehow discover if logstash has some problems -> connect to it to our internal monitoring system.

thank you very much !

i have found that '_node/stats/process' can give CPU 'load_average' -> but i dont know if i can consider this number as relevant to logstash performance/capabilities :-/

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This is coming in the next point release, 5.2.0. You can track it here: https://github.com/elastic/logstash/issues/6182

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Thank you very much !
"unread" / "unread" -> will be great help

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