Logstash 6.3.2: sqs to bq output error

I am trying to push data to BQ from sqs
I have below configuration in logstash file

source => "Message"
target => "parsed"
split {
field => "parsed"
rename => { "[parsed][timestamp]" => "mytime" }
gsub => ["mytime","T"," "]
gsub => ["mytime","Z",""]
gsub => ["mytime"," \w+[:]\w+[:]\w+.\w+",""]
add_field => { "_PARTITIONTIME" => "%{mytime}" }

I am sending this data to BQ but every time run into below issue

[2018-08-30T17:49:36,518][WARN ][logstash.outputs.googlebigquery] Error while inserting {:key=>0, :location=>"_partitiontime", :message=>"no such field.", :reason=>"invalid"}

please suggest what could be the problem here?


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