Logstash 6.4.x not processing lines added when logstash is down

Hello everybody..!

Do you know if there is any issue with sincedb files and logstash 6.4.x? I had a 5.6.x cluster and when start the logstash service, the parser successfully added the lines who didn't added while logstash were down.

This behavior is differeten in logstash 6.4.x, lines who added while logstash is down are not added to elastic

you can see an extract of the .conf file

    file {
            type => "AP"
            path => "/opt/cli/assumepositive/*.txt"
            start_position => "beginning"
            sincedb_path => "/opt/cli/assumepositive/db_assumepositive"
            ignore_older => 0

sincedb file is created but it seems not taking in account lines added while logstash is down


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