Logstash 6.6.0 with syslog output 3.0.5 ssl-tcp issue

Hello all,

I am having trouble getting the syslog output working with the ssl-tcp setting. Once I configure the pipeline to use ssl-tcp I get the following errors:

    Error registering plugin {:pipeline_id=>"<ID>", :plugin=>"#<LogStash::OutputDelegator:0x5be9ec9a>", :error=>"no implicit conversion of nil into String", :thread=>"#<Thread:0x20df3f03 run>"}

No matter the changes I do, when using ssl-tcp as the protocol it is giving me this error. Writing syslog output to file is no problem and see normal syslog data there.
I have a message field present (read a forum post stating that a message field was missing which resulted in the same message).

In the pipeline i have:

    ssl_verify => true
    ssl_cert => "c:\elastic\logstash-6.6.0\<server>.crt"
    ssl_cacert => "c:\elastic\logstash-6.6.0\<ca>.pem"
    protocol => "ssl-tcp"

Anyone getting same error? Or is my pipeline wrong?


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