Logstash 6.6.1: log showing “error:1e00007d:Cipher functions:OPENSSL_internal:INVALID_NONCE” on s390x

Hi, we are testing ELK 6.6.1 on s390x platform (Linux on Z).

After starting the ELK 6.6.1 stack, everything seems working fine and we can see logs on Kibana UI, but logstash log has following entries from time to time:

The original issue Logstash log showing "error:1e00007d:Cipher functions:OPENSSL_internal:INVALID_NONCE", got closed. Creating a new topic to discuss further...

Andre_Letterer, could you please let me know what all config files are required to check?

because of this exception, logstash container is getting killed with 137 exit code (OOM Kill), intermittently and new container gets created (it recovers). I hope, once we fix the original issue, i.e exception, the second issue wont be observed.

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