Logstash 6.8.4 and 6.8.5 jdbc input plugin erasing last_run_metadata

Starting in Logstash 6.8.4 and still present in logstash 6.8.5...

Whenever I start or restart logstash all of the files defined in all the jdbc input last_run_metadata_path settings are erased. This causes all my queries going to elasticsearch to start over.

I've tried not explicitly setting clean_run and explicitly setting clean_run => false.

Without changing any config files and downgrading back to 6.8.3 the problem goes away.

I've looked at the code for the jdbc input plugin and it seems to only erase the last run files when clean_run is set to true, but maybe I missed something.

Did I miss a new setting in logstash 6.8.4+ ?

Thank You.

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