Logstash 7.15 grok patterns directory

I was running logstash 7.3, and had configured some grok patterns in a file and placed that file in

After upgrading to logstash 7.15, logstash did not start indicating some of my patters were not found. I've been looking up information and did not find anyway indicating the directory change. After digging in the logstash installation directory, i found a new directory:


it has two sub-directories, and after many try and error i finally was able to start logstash coping the grok pattern file to:

Is there anyway it change is docummented?


The fact that core patterns were upgraded to version 4.3.1 is documented in the logstash 7.12.1 release notes.

You might be better off using the patterns_dir option on your grok filters instead of patching gems which will get removed when logstash is upgraded.

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