Logstash 7.4 File input exclude issue

Upgraded from 7.1 to 7.4 and my logstash file input seemingly started ignoring the exclude.

In this pipeline I want all mule API logs but want to consume the server oriented logs separately. In my case im seeing mule_ee.log entries when I am trying to ignore them.

    file {
    	path => "/opt/mule/mule-enterprise-standalone-3.9.1/logs/*.log"
        exclude => [ "performance-events*", "README", "gw-http-events*", "mule_ee*", "mule_agent*", "mule-app-default*", "mule-domain*" ]
        start_position => beginning
    	sincedb_path => "/opt/logstash/since_db.file"
        codec => multiline {
        pattern => "^%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601}"
    	negate => true
    	what => "previous"
  kafka {

This will not works.

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