Logstash 7.5.0 as Windows service using SC commands on command prompt

I am not able to run logstash 7.5.0 as windows service using SC commands on command prompt.

C:>sc \VIMPHYT01-22 create "Elasticsearch Logstash-7.5.0" binpath=C:\Users\sagar.dhakate\Software\ElasticStack\logstash-7.5.0\logstash-7.5.0\bin\logstash.bat start= auto
[SC] CreateService SUCCESS

C:>sc \VIMPHYT01-22 config "Elasticsearch Logstash-7.5.0" depend= elasticsearch-service-x64
[SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS

C:>sc \VIMPHYT01-22 config "Elasticsearch Logstash-7.5.0" DisplayName= "Elasticsearch Logstash-7.5.0"
[SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS

How to execute the command "-f C:\Users\sagar.dhakate\Software\ElasticStack\logstash-7.5.0\logstash-7.5.0\bin\sample.conf" which is ingesting the data into elasticsearch?

Please help me here.
Note- I don't want to use Task Scheduler or NSSM.

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