Logstash add_field

Hi Team,
I am trying to add a field but not getting expected result please assist, surely i am overlooking something. It's logstash-2.3.2-1

PFB Details:

match => ["message", "%{WORD:appname}"]

mutate {
add_field => { "ApplicationName" => "%{appname}" }



I am expecting "ApplicationName" = Testing123 but i am getting:
"ApplicationName" => "%{appname}"

Thanks & Regards,

I just tried with logstash 2.3.2 and your configuration, and it works just fine.

Are you really sure appname field is filled ? Are you sure that appcase field has this case (not Appcase for example)

I invite you to use this output to debug your problem :

output {
  stdout { codec => rubydebug }

Perhaps this is just a simplified example, but why not capture the string directly into the ApplicationName field instead of using appname and copying that string to ApplicationName?

Appname wasn't blank and i was looking at rubydebug only. And Appname, i am trying to retrieve from given URL, so it was like that.

I tested this scenario just now and i got my result, here is update:

tested with:
mutate {
add_field => { "testrun" => "%{testrun}" }
add_field => { "critical" => "%{critical}" }

  1. Below is console output of rubydebug: [ This created my confusion, i don't know why i am getting this output where i was expecting "testrun" = 0]

    "testrun" => "%{testrun}",
    "critical" => "%{critical}",

  2. where as elasticsearch is showing testrun as a field. [my expectation] and 0 as value

add_field => { "testrun" => "%{testrun}" }

I don't get it. What is this supposed to do? You're assigning a field to itself which doesn't strike me as a very useful operation. What does an event look like without the mutate filter above?

source of testrun:

grok {
match => {"message" => "Tests run: %{INT:testrun}"}

i am trying to create a field "testrun" where i will be inserting value of tests executed during a build.

I repeat: What does an event look like without the mutate filter above?

In other words, what does your Logstash's input look like?