Logstash Adds unwanted records

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I have logstash with the following config:
Kafka Input
Filter metrics
Syslog Output
File Output

Logstash is reading from a kafka topic as type plain

However at different points in time after it has consumed some messages in kafka Logstash will also spit out the following line:
May 26 21:09:00 %{host} LOGSTASH[-]: "actual name of host"

This lines are not present in the kafka topics so why is Logstash creating these records, and how can i stop it from happening?

Also another question. How can i actually have the %{host} display the actual host instead of %{host}

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This seems to be happening every 5 seconds btw. Could this be related to the filter? or some other option in logstash that does anything every 5 seconds?

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