Logstash aggregate - JDBC SQL Relations

I have been following your responses and found them always helpful and spot on. I would like to ask With reference to the following where there is a parent-child relation is pipelined
Logstash aggregate-example4
I wonder how to achieve a scenario where event elements have a hierarchal relationship like following

{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Paris" , "location-name": "Location A in Paris"}
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Paris" , "location-name": "Location B in Paris"}
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Paris" , "location-name": "Location C in Paris"}
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Paris" , "location-name": "Location D in Paris"}

{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Marseille", "location-name": "Location A in Marseille" }
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Marseille", "location-name": "Location B in Marseille" }
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Marseille", "location-name": "Location C in Marseille" }
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Marseille", "location-name": "Location D in Marseille" }
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Marseille", "location-name": "Location E in Marseille" }
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Marseille", "location-name": "Location F in Marseille" }
{ "country_name": "France", "town_name": "Marseille", "location-name": "Location G in Marseille" }

{ "country_name": "USA", "town_name": "New-York" , "location-name": "Location A in New-York"}
{ "country_name": "USA", "town_name": "New-York" , "location-name": "Location B in New-York"}
{ "country_name": "USA", "town_name": "New-York" , "location-name": "Location C in New-York"}
{ "country_name": "USA", "town_name": "New-York" , "location-name": "Location D in New-York"}
parent (n)
---child (n)
------ grand-child (n)
------------great-grand-child (n)
I hope I could ask it right. I am totally new to this and your help in this regard is highly appreciated.

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