Logstash and filebeat picking up the old files again and again

i have configured logstash and filebeat on localhost however even when there is no updation of files in the folder the elasticsearch index is being populated by same files repetitively

pl suggest remedial measures

What does your input section look like?

hi am trying to parse text files using a suitable filter however getting stuck, the file looks as under
file name@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@dummy report 1.docx

from = 17
to = 70
orig = main office
info =
HQ Benz
india office
bangladesh office
srilanka office

activity : sales
location: new delhi,34.08374
total sold: 03

dealers : XYZ Automobiles

models: pqr,qws,wer

activity : servicing
Location: mumbai,34.08374, 74.789902

problems: engine malfunctioning, tail light problem,axle problem

service centre: Das autos

Date: 29052020
i need to split these something into key value pairs which are seperated by either "=" or ":" . there will be a case wherein each file will have more or lesser fields or maybe os similar or dissimilar order.

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